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Speaking of the place where store traveling goods are sold in Ikebukuro in Tokyo, there is a supermarket suitcase specialty store directly operated by the manufacturer. I think that you can see Don Quixote, Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank from the east exit of Ikebukuro station in front of Ikebukuro. When walking along the road on the left along the Meiji Dori station with the station behind you, there is a Bic camera Ikebukuro main store on the way and a Yamada Denki outlet just ahead of it. There is a tea drink specialty shop called Chatime which is popular among women from Taiwan beyond Yamada Denki, and our two-store shop will be our shop.


Zipper type Suitcases

Zipper type Suitcases

The material mainly uses reinforced plastic. It is a fastener type of the body which was hardly prominent of scratches and machined glossy.

Hard frame type suitcase


It is a frame type suitcase that uses a dial type TSA lock to provide a superior safety and durable reinforced plastic for the body.

Soft type suitcase


It is a fabric suitcase using polyester material. Because there are many storage parts, it is very convenient to take in and out easily while moving.

Casual bag


We mainly handle bags suitable for travel such as rucksacks, knapsacks, Boston bags, we also handle business back and ladies' bags. 

List of selling goods

  • 【B002】Lightweight size change with casters Shopping cart


    ¥3,980円 ¥2,000

  • 【M1618】Stopper frame type Carry case - L size suitcase


    39,800円 22,000円

  • 【M6021】Increase type pastel carry case - M size suitcase


    15,000円 7,980円

  • 【M6080】Pastel travel bag - S size suitcase


    10,000円 5,980円

Ikebukuro's suitcase manufacturer directly operated store


Our company is a specialized store directly operated by the manufacturer who plan, manufacture and sell original goods of fashion bags and business bags around traveling case for traveling. I opened this place in July this place 3 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro station. In our shop, we take advantage of the merits unique to direct manufacturers, we usually sell it at a very cheap price with the price reduction of carry bags and suitcases which usually cost more than 10,000 yen. The Ikebukuro and Shinjuku areas are fierce battle areas where leading camera shops and consumer electronics retailers line up, but we offer suitcases and carry bags at the lowest price class in Tokyo under thorough price investigation.

Points of product selection


Knowledge is necessary to buy good goods cheaply. If you grab even points alone, then you just buy a suitcase that suits you! I have summarized the points to select below, so please refer to it.

【Approximate number of rooms and size】

Depending on the season, it is necessary to choose the size assuming the amount of luggage such as return souvenirs. A general guide is as follows. · S size: 1 to 3 nights (around 35 liters) ※ Basically within carry-on size within 115 cm. However, in case of cheap aircraft, the standards are severe, so it is necessary to check in advance in advance. · M size: 3 ~ 5 nights (around 60 ℓ)

【Features by material】

· ABS resin It is a little heavy with the plastic material often used for the body of a suitcase from a long time ago. There are helmets, car interiors, household appliances, stationery, and toys that are frequently used in the near future. It is elastic and strong against shocks. · Polycarbonate (PC) It becomes a very strong plastic material to shock which combines elasticity and flexibility. Even from the crushed state it has excellent restoring ability to return to its original shape, it is a very strong material for shock, pressure, bending and twisting from the outside. It can also be extended thinly while maintaining strength, so it is possible to make a lightweight and durable suitcase. Because it will be more expensive than ABS resin so high class suitcase is often using this material. · ABS resin + polycarbonate (PC) Recently it is a material using both ABS resin and polycarbonate (PC). There are two materials mixed together, and some have a two-layer structure. Polycarbonate It is cheaper than 100%, it is lighter and durable than ABS resin.


Regarding casters, two wheels were mainstream a long time ago, but because of two wheel walking is a hindrance to traffic, recently it has become mainstream that four wheels can walk in parallel. In addition, the casters are more frequently circulated than the single wheels of the four wheels of double casters. Double casters are harder to break with stable running than single casters, the larger the size suitcase, the heavier the weight, the more the eight wheels are distributed over the wheels than the four wheels So double casters are recommended.

Zipper (fastener) type

It is lightweight, it can be manufactured at low manufacturing cost, and it is sold at low price. In recent years, the demand for lightweight and low-priced goods is growing rapidly than it is taken overcharged as the price of cheap airplane is limited due to weight and size limitations. Zipper (fastener) type products with double zipper (double zipper) also have items, 15% increase is possible. It is popular because it is very convenient when souvenirs and luggage increase.

Zipper (fastener) type

It is lightweight, it can be manufactured at low manufacturing cost, and it is sold at low price. price of cheap airplane is limited due to weight and size limitations. It is popular because it is very convenient when souvenirs and luggage increase.

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